Back in the saddle

Back in the saddle…

Updated on Sept 7 2004
posted by Ash Rigo

This week’s strip brought to you none other than the CCA’s own Violent Dave! Taking a good jab and good old capcom for their latest cut and paste sprite fighter game. If you’re reading this on the 7th then most likley I’m currently driving over to Best Buy to pick up a REAL 2d fighter game: Guilty Gear X2 #reloaded. While I’m not currently subscribing to Xbox live I sure as hell plan to when I get enough money (i.e. can find a part time job now that I’m back in college).

Blowing the dust off the PS2 version I found great comfort that I was able to kick all my roommates’ asses but lead to the fact that they’ll never want to play the game again. hehe oops!

While on the subject of college you might all be wondering why did Gil update the site last week and why I’m stalling on the weekly update. Well to make a long story short, I didn’t have proper internet connection for the first 3 weeks of school which ended this last week. For anybody who has emailed me I’m VERY sorry that I haven’t replied but there was nothing I could have done about it. I’ll try to email ya back asap.

Lastly I’d like to point out that the CCA RPG demo is coming to a close. Last thing I really need to do is put in the temporary CMS and send it back and we’ll pretty much have everything ready to rock. Sometime this month you should expect to see the demo out. We’re trying VERY hard to bring it to you and I’ll tell you that the hilarity that is the demo is just the tip of the iceburg! Stay patient please!

-Ash Rigo

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