Vote Dammit!

Vote Dammit!

Updated on Nov 2 2004
posted by Ash Rigo

Well this post came a bit late. I was aiming to have it up this morning when my rant would actually bug the hell out of anybody visiting this site enough for them to vote but alas. It’s 5PM Pacific time so looks like it’s gonna get cut a bit short tonight.

Since we’re in the political mood right now how’s about a semi-political comic? The script for the comic is so freaking long I have to cut it into two parts so expect part two probably later this week if school work doesn’t get in the way.

Yes, when I posted two months ago telling everybody I was ready to get in the groove of comic making I guess I was being a bit rash. Days after the post the work came falling on me like boulders. And so the site went dead for two months. Also I found a beautiful little program called Macromedia Flash that’ll will be helping me make comics from now on. Problem is I’m still learning to use it so expect a bit of a trickle effect in comics’ quality.

Anyway, today’s the big day! No, not the election. The Perfect Circle CD came out today! Besides, I get to go to class during the juicy part of election night from 7 to 9 PM. Probably the most important election of my lifetime and I get to spend the time reviewing a practice math test that I didn’t do. Oh well.

Anyway, expect part two later this week. And shame on you if you didn’t vote. Don’t give me this “my vote doesn’t count” crap or “it takes too long” bullshit. It took me 10 minutes out of my life to vote. It’s not jury duty. It’s my first presidential election too and I’m in this to win! Who did I vote for? Come on, I’m not white, I respect women, I don’t want to throw away the constitution, and I don’t want to destroy the world… Who do you think I voted for?

-Ash Rigo

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