New Email up

New Email up

Updated on Dec 2 2004
posted by Ash Rigo

Okay so I finally got my email back up, If you mailed me anything November, I didn’t get it. Now I hear you all saying “Ash, if you got hacked this last week how did it effect all your email from a month ago? We confession time, I don’t read my email often now. Probably once a month when school work starts piling on, as it has. So what REALLY happened was I didn’t read my mail for the past month and then boom, it all got erased. So anyway, I’ve been meaning to change my email anyway to avoid all the spam so if you want to get ahold of me, send an email to the address on my sig. yeah, it’s an image. One way of combating spam so any program that scans sites for given email addresses won’t pick it up. The flip side to this is that you now have to type the address in now. So make sure you copy the address correctly.

Anyway, things look like they’re slowly getting back to normal. I’m trying to find the IP address that logged onto my site and block it. However, if I accidentaly ban half the country of Brazil by accident, please let me know. Until next time,

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