Hanging in the Wind

Hanging in the Wind

Updated on May 23 2005.
posted by Gilgamesh

Unfortunately, the Chun-Li Vs Aquaman comic that won the first monthly CCA contest being sponsored by David Bircham is still not completed. I apologize to the fans, and especially the winner and the runner-up, for the delay. I’m keeping in contact with David Bircham and he’s been telling me that he’s encountered an unexpectedly large amount of work but he has been working on the comic when he can and it’s looking great. We’re sorry about the delay but I’ve seen lots of David’s work so I really think it will be worth the wait. Please be patient a little while longer.

I have no new comic for this week because I’ve been in an incredibly sour mood lately, as major server lag in Final Fantasy XI has caused me constant disconnects and destroyed my ability to function in a party. I’m attempting to find a better service, but, living in rural Maine, my options are embarassingly limited. I can’t even get cable or broadband. So unless Square-Enix actually gets off its lazy ass and does something about the lag or I luck upon a better dial-up connection, I may be forced to quit the game I’ve enjoyed and the character I’ve been building for over a year. I’m REALLY not in a good mood.

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