More Changes

More Changes

Updated on July 17 2005.
posted by Gilgamesh

This is just a friendly reminder to let everyone interested in our Make-Your-Own-Crossover-Comic Contest to send in their scripts by Friday. After that, I’ll be choosing a winner and deciding whether or not to make the next contest all-inclusive (meaning CCA members can participate) or if I’ll put it off a little longer. We’ve only gotten two scripts so far but both of them are much better than the ones we had at this time in the last contest… but then again, the best entries didn’t come in until the last minute, either.

Also, this probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise to anybody who’s been keeping tabs on the site, but since Ash has been too swamped with work to contribute much to the site (and since’s domain is up for renewal and he’s tight on cash), I’m going to be re-taking the reins as CCA Commander-in-Chief. This means that in a couple of months we’ll probably have a whole new layout (again). I’ll need some time to figure out how I want to work it.


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