Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat

Updated on August 11 2005.
posted by Gilgamesh

For those of you who missed the boardroom announcement, the winner of the second Brodie’s Law/CCA comic contest has been decided and was announced on the Brodie’s Law forums.

But the real big news is, we have a new rookie! His name is Tadanori Oyama, a regular boardroom poster turned webcomic author. I’m extremely impressed with his work and his attitude so I’m hoping to see some great things from him. For right now, his first comic, Terry Bogard Vs The Zombie Fanboy Horde, can be found in the part-timers section. When I give the site the overhaul I’m planning, I’ll give Tadanori’s Terry comics their own section.

I’m planning to revamp the whole site in the coming months. The domain was up for renewal this month and I offered to take it off Ash’s hands, but eventually he decided he wanted to keep it a while longer, but asked me to keep watching the site for the time being. He wants to work on his art skills this coming semester and hopes to perhaps make a return next year. But, since I’m still going to be doing all the site maintenence for the rest of the year, I want a site design that’s more friendly to my HTML editor >< So I’ll probably go ahead and take care of that in a bit.


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