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Flonne’s Song: Absence of Nostalgia

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The Crossover Comic Archive has a long, rich history that the current state of our blog doesn’t do justice, but to celebrate our history and show our appreciation to everyone who’s stuck with us through the years, the CCA crew has reunited for one more improv comic project!

For the first time ever, the heroes are united against a terrifying new threat: Another big-budget bastardization of a beloved pop culture franchise! When Overlord Laharl schemes to make a quick buck by rebooting Back to the Future, Flonne must seek out our scattered heroes and unite them to under a common purpose!

Can they succeed? Who knows? It’s improv!

When things are so bad, even MST3K can’t help it

ManosposterMaking fun of bad things is a strange art. There comes a point where something can be so incredibly bad that cracking jokes at its expense isn’t fun. The good folks over at MST3k, comic geniuses though they were, crossed over into that territory on a handful of occasions, and one of the most famous examples was when they ripped on Manos: The Hands of Fate. If there’s an alternate universe where everything bad is good and everything good is bad, Manos would be that world’s Citizen Kane.

How bad is it? The film literally spends almost eight minutes on establishing shots. It’s not just bad. It’s painfully bad. Even one of MST3K’s villains, commented in the show “I know it’s our job to send you really bad movies, but this time, I have to admit, we really went too far.” There are many elements that movies need to keep the audience engaged: Dynamic characters, suitable performances, pacing, a coherent narrative, technical issues such as editing and sound, etc. Even when a movie is bad enough to earn the MST3K treatment, they still can usually achieve at least one or two of these elements, thereby at least making to movie watchable. Manos has none of that.

For those of you who have a morbid curiosity about this astounding low point in movie history, the full MST3K episode is available for free on Youtube. Then, once you’re done, you can treat yourself to many of the cult fan-made projects, like this techno remix of Torgo’s theme. And for you MST3K fans who aren’t sure if they caught this episode… trust me, you haven’t. If you had, you’d definitely remember it.

“New” Comic: Chun-Li Vs. The DaVinci Code


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In the spirit of trying to keep a pace of fixing at least one comic per week while still getting used to doing this stuff on a wordpress-only blog format, I’ve fixed one of the comics I had previously uploaded but didn’t survive the jump from our old domain. I’ve fixed the original post to have the proper link, or you can just click on the pic above. Enjoy!

On a side note, my contempt for organized religion has only deepened since I made this comic, but in all fairness to the Catholic Church, Pope Francis seems like he’s finally taking them in the right direction.