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(Make us) Make your own Comic!

(Make us) Make your own Comic!

Updated on Mar 19 2005
posted by Ash Rigo

Update – Mar 22: Geez people! Try and tell me when I make a bad link to a contest page ><. Oh and BTW, it’s fixed.

I’m sure you recently have looked at the weekly comic button and realized it hasn’t been touched in a while. Well there’s a reason for that. In the next week or two it will be taken down and replaced with monthly contest buttons. It will list the details of our new monthly contest and an archive of all entries and winning comics from the previous month. Pretty cool, huh?

Now onto the details of this comic contest, pretty much the forum thread in the message board says it pretty well but if you want the official page take a look at this link for the official lowdown. To be honest, I’m not really in the loop in this contest bit since David contacts Gilgamesh so if you have any questions on any ambiguous rules or questions, direct them to Gilgamesh.

While the official contest page is still without some zest in it, it’s all I’ll putting up for right now until we get a couple entries so we can redo the format so we can post all the entries strait onto the contest page, similar to the previous fan art contest we had for the CCA RPG (and YES, all the scripting is done for the demo, we just need to iron out some “he said/she said” details that got overlooked before we do a bit of testing).

Everyone here at the CCA is very giddy about seeing what everyone else can cook up, I mean it’s not every day you can get your own comic made for you by a professional like David Bircham is it? We’re gonna be spreading the word as much as we can and encourage everyone who comes to the page to also tell anyone who might be interested. Hopefully this will mean great things for the CCA and Kikouken.com in the near future.

-Ash Rigo


New Email up

New Email up

Updated on Dec 2 2004
posted by Ash Rigo

Okay so I finally got my email back up, If you mailed me anything November, I didn’t get it. Now I hear you all saying “Ash, if you got hacked this last week how did it effect all your email from a month ago? We confession time, I don’t read my email often now. Probably once a month when school work starts piling on, as it has. So what REALLY happened was I didn’t read my mail for the past month and then boom, it all got erased. So anyway, I’ve been meaning to change my email anyway to avoid all the spam so if you want to get ahold of me, send an email to the address on my sig. yeah, it’s an image. One way of combating spam so any program that scans sites for given email addresses won’t pick it up. The flip side to this is that you now have to type the address in now. So make sure you copy the address correctly.

Anyway, things look like they’re slowly getting back to normal. I’m trying to find the IP address that logged onto my site and block it. However, if I accidentaly ban half the country of Brazil by accident, please let me know. Until next time,

Vote Dammit!

Vote Dammit!

Updated on Nov 2 2004
posted by Ash Rigo

Well this post came a bit late. I was aiming to have it up this morning when my rant would actually bug the hell out of anybody visiting this site enough for them to vote but alas. It’s 5PM Pacific time so looks like it’s gonna get cut a bit short tonight.

Since we’re in the political mood right now how’s about a semi-political comic? The script for the comic is so freaking long I have to cut it into two parts so expect part two probably later this week if school work doesn’t get in the way.

Yes, when I posted two months ago telling everybody I was ready to get in the groove of comic making I guess I was being a bit rash. Days after the post the work came falling on me like boulders. And so the site went dead for two months. Also I found a beautiful little program called Macromedia Flash that’ll will be helping me make comics from now on. Problem is I’m still learning to use it so expect a bit of a trickle effect in comics’ quality.

Anyway, today’s the big day! No, not the election. The Perfect Circle CD came out today! Besides, I get to go to class during the juicy part of election night from 7 to 9 PM. Probably the most important election of my lifetime and I get to spend the time reviewing a practice math test that I didn’t do. Oh well.

Anyway, expect part two later this week. And shame on you if you didn’t vote. Don’t give me this “my vote doesn’t count” crap or “it takes too long” bullshit. It took me 10 minutes out of my life to vote. It’s not jury duty. It’s my first presidential election too and I’m in this to win! Who did I vote for? Come on, I’m not white, I respect women, I don’t want to throw away the constitution, and I don’t want to destroy the world… Who do you think I voted for?

-Ash Rigo

Back in the saddle

Back in the saddle…

Updated on Sept 7 2004
posted by Ash Rigo

This week’s strip brought to you none other than the CCA’s own Violent Dave! Taking a good jab and good old capcom for their latest cut and paste sprite fighter game. If you’re reading this on the 7th then most likley I’m currently driving over to Best Buy to pick up a REAL 2d fighter game: Guilty Gear X2 #reloaded. While I’m not currently subscribing to Xbox live I sure as hell plan to when I get enough money (i.e. can find a part time job now that I’m back in college).

Blowing the dust off the PS2 version I found great comfort that I was able to kick all my roommates’ asses but lead to the fact that they’ll never want to play the game again. hehe oops!

While on the subject of college you might all be wondering why did Gil update the site last week and why I’m stalling on the weekly update. Well to make a long story short, I didn’t have proper internet connection for the first 3 weeks of school which ended this last week. For anybody who has emailed me I’m VERY sorry that I haven’t replied but there was nothing I could have done about it. I’ll try to email ya back asap.

Lastly I’d like to point out that the CCA RPG demo is coming to a close. Last thing I really need to do is put in the temporary CMS and send it back and we’ll pretty much have everything ready to rock. Sometime this month you should expect to see the demo out. We’re trying VERY hard to bring it to you and I’ll tell you that the hilarity that is the demo is just the tip of the iceburg! Stay patient please!

-Ash Rigo



Updated on Aug 12 2004
posted by Ash Rigo

Today marks the day the first weekly comic is posted. Go click on the weekly update button to where hopefully every week, we’ll have a new comic posted for you. The actual DAY we are going to post the comic is still in the planning stages. I’m thinking either every Monday or Wednesday. Yeah, this weeks came on Thursday but the comic was finished Tuesday. I’ve already started next weeks so I’m on schedule so far. Not to mention the other CCA member will be able to post their two cents on the page in the near future. I’m busy working on making a short step by step tutorial for the cca members now. This will hopefully be the start of something special.

In other news, the CCA turned 1 yesterday! Weee! While we don’t have much to show for it besides a new layout and a couple of comics, this year was unusually slow for all of us. Hopefully it won’t go that way again this year. With animation classes starting again this fall I’m dead serious about working on my art skill big time so I can get to a professional level. But for now, we’ll take things one step at a time. Till next time ta!

-Ash Rigo