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Updated on May 27 2004
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I have no clue as to what the hell is going on now but my page is still being pretty bitchy with me. For some reason all my updates are being erased or the index.htm file gets deleted altogether. I’m gonna contact my space provider but I don’t think I’m in any position to demand anything from them until I pay for my site which runs out of its yearly subscription in early July if I’m not mistaken. So I have a month left.Anyway, I want to do some updating, I really do but something is really shooting me in the butt right now. School is over and I have the whole summer ahead of me, some talk about working on the CCA RPG again is brewing and hopefully with the summer to aid me, I’ll be able to get a very large chunk of the CBS done. I know when this damn this is over I’m never touching that RPGmaker program again. I’ve learned so much I feel like I should have just skipped straight into C++. oh well, stay in touch everybody. Something good is coming around the corner, it just may take a month or two to get there ^_^

-Ash Rigo



Updated on May 14 2004
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Page problems occurring… update soon on why as soon as I figure it out…

-Ash Rigo

Fools come in packs of twenty

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Updated on Apr 1 2004
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Well it’s April Fool’s day again and my original idea for an April Fool’s joke got shot to death earlier in the week so do expect anything silly from me this year. There’s always next year I guess.

However, in the April Fool’s spirit, Gman has made a special little comic for you April fool’s enjoyment. So please feel free to enjoy that for the time being.

Remember, next year, I’ll get you guys somehow!

-Ash Rigo


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Updated on Mar 25 2004
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Holy Crap! I’m free! I’m free! Well… at least for a week. Spring break, something I desperately need! Mid terms and art projects have pretty much dragged my will to live down the crapper over the past three weeks so now I can FINALLY stretch a bit and goof off.

In comic news, I finally linked Tifa Vs. Dynasty Warriors to the main site after putting it off to do work. Just for those who couldn’t find it in the Tifa menu, you can now.

The conclusion of what is wrong with my capture card has been verified as it’s the connection unit that’s giving me the bad quality. So about 150 bucks more I can upgrade it to a better unit that can get REAL DVD quality pictures. So no This is Otakudom DVDs for anybody until my birthday I guess. As far as capturing screenshots for games I just said fuck it and went ahead and took massive screenshots from Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil One, and Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes for the comic which I’m hoping i can work on over the break. Not the best picture quality but it’s due. Hey, if any CCA members want to kiss my ass, after I get a new capture card, I won’t be needing the old one… hmm…

Promises I can give you for the CCA RPG is that I will be working on it non stop during spring break in between sessions of FFXI. Since I put the Athena summon on hold I’ve been itching to finish the damn thing! Then I can go work on other summons. After that I can just clean some crap up and then we can give you the CCA RPG demo.

Also secret meetings are already underway between myself and some other individuals on the next CCA video game. I know, I know, we’re not even half way done with the first game and already we’re thinking about the next. Well people, that’s how business works. I have four years to make an impressive resume to give to gaming companies so dammit, I’m trying to fill it up with as many projects as I can! Anyway, details on the next game are fuzzy but all I’ll tell you is this… it won’t be made with RPGMaker 2004 oh hell no… It’ll be created the old fashion way.

-Ash Rigo

Back In Action

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Back in action

Updated on Jan 28 2004
posted by Ash Rigo

Reporting back fromOhayocon and damn what a time! All the CCA staff members got to meet in person and we all had a blast together! Although it took a huge bite out of my wallet which hit home today when I found out my college text books cost me $250. And I haven’t even started buying my artsuppies!Ahh!!!Anyway, I got a (VERY) detailed report of our crazy antics right here and Soth put up some pictures from our trip here if anybody is interested. I doubt any of you will last in my long report since there was just so much to talk about. This crazy blurb is more just for me to look back at and remember the great memories. Hey, looks like I offically wrote my first blurb eh?

School time is coming around for me so I’ll probably be taking a break from the CBS for a while to work on finishing the Resident Evil Zero comic I have planed. That thing is way overdue. Happily it’ll run right into my next comic, Shayla vs. Resident Evil one so I can kind of hit the ground running this time.