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Mega Man?

I’m probably a few days old in posting this, but I found a trailer that featured PS3 exclusive characters for Capcom’s “Street Fighter X Tekken” game.


Hearing Mega Man’s confirmation made me more excited until I saw that image:

Boy you got fat!

Not sure if Capcom is really into Trolololoing, but Mega Man fans are pretty pissed. Some are taking it as a joke character and tribute to Bad Box Art Mega Man (The name it’s been dubbed.), after all this isn’t the first game BBAMM has been introduced to as playable.

If this was 8 years ago, I’d bust a testicle in nerd rage… now I’m finding it funny and disappointing at the same time. It’s a weird feeling, yet I’m curious to see it action…. oh wait:

This is, MY DESTINY!

Apparently, this was MM creators idea before he departed from Capcom a year prior, dunno if true or failsafe on Capcom’s part… either way, have fun with this!