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Chun-Li Vs. Mr. T

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My fourth comic, the inevitable showdown between Chun-Li and the hero whose meme inspired the CCA: Mr. T! Sadly, the Mr. T Vs. Everything website is no longer available, so enjoying the classics that inspired us (such as Mr. T Vs. The Spice Girl, Mr. T Vs. C3PO, Mr. T Vs. Slayers, and Mr. T Vs. Santa) will require a little magical trip to archive.org and some good luck. One fine day I hope to add some of my own favorites among our links but first I wanna get through re-posting all the crap we already have of our own!

Chun-Li Vs. Linda Tripp

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Again, this is not a comic I would consider good by the standards we now have at the CCA. It is, however, the first time a hint of romance between Chun-Li and Alucard is dropped, and it’s the very very first comic to feature our famous Charlie deaths! The setup is also marginally more sophisticated than the first two comics in that Chun-Li’s reason for fighting goes a tiny bit further than “Chun-Li angry! Chun-Li smash!”

Namco’s Tekken x SF Poll

For those of you interested in Tekken x SF, Namco has a poll up to see what characters the fans most want to see. The list is quite extensive and includes some surprising faces, like Captain Sawada from the Van Damme movie and Dan’s father, Go Hibiki. I voted for Asuka, Lili, Christie, Leo, Jinpachi, Chun-Li, Charlie, Dan, Sawada, and Retsu. In hindsight I shouldn’ta voted for Retsu; he’d just be another shoto. Even so, I’d like to see some more of those SF1 characters pop up more often.