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The Next Contest

The Next Contest

Updated on July 1 2005.
posted by Gilgamesh

I’m sure you kids are all wondering when you’ll get your chance to make a comic as sweet as Chun-Li VsAquaman, right? Well, your next chance starts now. I’ve set up an official page of rules for the contest as well as set the next deadline.The Make-Your-Own-Crossover-Comic Contest Page

I’m also still working on CAT Vs FFX-2, of course. For the latest updates, visit this thread in our boardroom.


First Monthly Winner Decided!

First Monthly Winner Decided!

Updated on April 27 2005.
Weekly Comic: Chun-Li Aya & Tifa Vs. Final Fantasy X-2, Parts 7 & 8
posted by Gilgamesh

The first winner of the Make Us Make Your Own Comic contest has been named, and it’s Chun-Li Vs Aquaman by Precious Roy. We also have one runner-up that will be allowed to participate in next months contest, Sakura Vs. The Collector by Danica Tomsho. Congratulations to both you for your great entries! David Bircham tells me to expect to see his version of Chun-Li Vs Aquaman within the next two weeks. Meanwhile, I’m going to need to put aside a few minutes and update the contest page for the next round.

By the way, like the little extrathingie I added to this update? I’m going totry and keep the main site as updated on my weekly comic progress as I do the boardrooms. Though I’m still looking for a good permanent format because this way kinda blows. And it doesn’t help that I don’t really like the format and contrary to what Ash says, updating with this design whichfoces me to use HTML code is a serious pain in the ass. -_--Gilgamesh