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New Content Being Accepted

ffx2104Dear CCA fans, both newbies and oldies! We are accepting new content for publication on this website. We would consider game and movie reviews, new comics,memes. We would also consider news/reviews of comic-cons. Please use the contact form below if you are interested in becoming a contributor to the website, and we will get back to you ASAP.

A Companion Facebook Page to the CCA Comics

And now for something completely different:

Screen shot of Companion Facebook page

Screen shot of Companion Facebook page

We’ve created a “Companion Facebook page” to this website. If and when any new posts are published on this website, they “should” (if WordPress and Facebook are in a good mood and are talking to each other) automatically appear on the properly linked Facebook page! Ah, the modern marvels of technology!

This new Companion Facebook page is NOT a group. You do not “join” it, you “like” it. Sorry, that is one of the limitations of the WordPress “Sharing” plug-in. Can’t be helped…. Too bad, so sad…

Just in case you are interested in “Liking” the new CCA’s companion Facebook page (which means you would be notified of any new posts), you can click on the image of the Facebook page at the top of this post, and it will take you straight to that Facebook page! Hope you take a look, and hope you “like” it, too!

And, now, we’d like to challenge y’all to start sending us content to add to the website, we can’t do it all by ourselves! If you have content (comics, reviews, memes) you feel is worthy of the website, contact us by using this form below and we’ll get back to you asap:

Crossover Chronicles Chapter 1: The Fanboy Menace.

Original post by Gilgamesh:

Crossover Chronicles Chapter 1 The Fanboy Menace

Crossover Chronicles Chapter 1 The Fanboy Menace

Note: On the original site, under the above picture, was a link to click, that took you to the images that are now shown on the bottom of this post.

The first chapter is finally complete! I had been chipping away at it over the course of several months, but didn’t want to post it on the main site because I didn’t want to abuse the tag system. Maybe, that was a mistake. Oh well.

Anyway, I don’t have a good “cover” pic for the comic yet, so I’m still just taking one-panel gags as placeholders. Hopefully, I’ll have something a bit classier in the near future.

In the original RPG script, this scene began at Chun-Li’s home with her looking at dresses with Aya and Cammy, then leaving to meet Alucard at a restaurant and being attacked by fanboys en route. The spirit of that scene is pretty much the same, but as you can see, a lot of the details were changed. Tifa replaced Cammy because I wanted to introduce her to the story sooner as an important character. Alucard is spoke of but not seen mainly for the sake of simplifying the fight scene. The fanboys were changed to trolls mainly because they are more universally reviled than mere fanboys. Dan Hibiki and a surprise guest star were not originally intended to be in this scene, but I love the way their roles turned out. Don’t be surprised if we see them again.

fandom page 1

fandom page 2

The Sky is Falling!

The Sky is Falling!

Skyla DoragonoActually, it’s not, I just updated the main site. ^_^

As you can see, the CCA main site just got a serious and much-needed facelift. Hopefully it will help attract more comic makers… or at least make it easier to browse. Or something. You can tell I don’t do update blurbs often, hunh?

At any rate, comics are both listed by author and by character now, making it easier to find stuff. There is also a section for special comics (like holiday comics, colabs, that sort of thing) and one shots. There is also a functioning link page with all the websites of our members. If you get confused as to where something goes, just hover your mouse over it.

In addition, we’re looking to upgrade forum software in the next few days. This will hopefully help in deterring spam bots, so we don’t have a repeat of this. 😛

I guess that’s it. Oh, and check out the new comics listed below. ‘Til next time!

-Skyla Doragono


New Finished Comics

Chun-Li Vs Resident Evil 4 by Gilgamesh
 Laharl Vs The Ring by Boogie Knight
Ultraman VS Steve Erwin by Grey Knight Lord


New WiP

Terry’s Problems by Tadanori Oyama (2 pages)
D20: A CCA Roleplay by Skyla Doragono (3 pages)
Metal Gear Sammy by Violent Dave (4 pages)
Terry and Andy’s High School Reunion by Tadanori Oyama (4 pages)
Dan and Ran Hibiki VS H.P. Lovecraft by Mad Spence (8 pages)
CCA News Special Report by Boogie Knight (5 pages)
The Rashoman Episode by Boogie Knight (20 pages)