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Ohayocon or Bust!

Original post by Ash Rigo

Ohayocon or Bust!

Updated on Jan 17 2004
posted by Ash Rigo

Ooo! Here’s a nice sneak peak at what we have in store for you with the RPG. I know it’s not much but give a shout out to Justicia and Lain for working on this great pic for our Athena summon. If you thank them nice enough I might post a bit more of the superb work we’ve been getting from the entire RPG team lately.The demo isn’t coming out this month though. I know we said so but hey, we don’t get paid for doing this so sometimes it’s been pretty hard finding time to work. Anyway, a little tinkering here, a little tinkering there, and I’m slowing building this CBS into something special.However the big news that’s out this week is of course, the CCA’s invasion of Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio on January 22-25. With the immediate brain trust of the RPG all there, you can assume that a lot of loose ends will be tied up in those three days. So when will the demo be out…. uh… no idea! The maps and character sets are for the most part done, the story programming is coming a long and that should be nearly complete as well. The thing that’s still in it’s mid stages is the CBS. Hopefully soon, I can get the others to shout out on this site and update you on our progress. Until then, hold on, good news is sure to come soon.

-Ash Rigo