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A Companion Facebook Page to the CCA Comics

And now for something completely different:

Screen shot of Companion Facebook page

Screen shot of Companion Facebook page

We’ve created a “Companion Facebook page” to this website. If and when any new posts are published on this website, they “should” (if WordPress and Facebook are in a good mood and are talking to each other) automatically appear on the properly linked Facebook page! Ah, the modern marvels of technology!

This new Companion Facebook page is NOT a group. You do not “join” it, you “like” it. Sorry, that is one of the limitations of the WordPress “Sharing” plug-in. Can’t be helped…. Too bad, so sad…

Just in case you are interested in “Liking” the new CCA’s companion Facebook page (which means you would be notified of any new posts), you can click on the image of the Facebook page at the top of this post, and it will take you straight to that Facebook page! Hope you take a look, and hope you “like” it, too!

And, now, we’d like to challenge y’all to start sending us content to add to the website, we can’t do it all by ourselves! If you have content (comics, reviews, memes) you feel is worthy of the website, contact us by using this form below and we’ll get back to you asap: