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Flonne’s Song: Absence of Nostalgia

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The Crossover Comic Archive has a long, rich history that the current state of our blog doesn’t do justice, but to celebrate our history and show our appreciation to everyone who’s stuck with us through the years, the CCA crew has reunited for one more improv comic project!

For the first time ever, the heroes are united against a terrifying new threat: Another big-budget bastardization of a beloved pop culture franchise! When Overlord Laharl schemes to make a quick buck by rebooting Back to the Future, Flonne must seek out our scattered heroes and unite them to under a common purpose!

Can they succeed? Who knows? It’s improv!

CSI: Midgar

CSI Midgar


This is a little ditty I made a while back but it didn’t appear to survive the jump from our old domain, so I’ve re-uploaded it. I really like the idea of Cloud in the role of David Caruso’s character. It fits him very well: A famously uncool character trying way too hard to act cool.

Tifa vs Faris & Dragonball Z vs That all your base guy

Original post by G-Man:

Hello, it’s been a long time hasn’t it? I’m making the attempt to publish a couple old comics of mine:

Tifa vs Faris & Dragonball Z vs That all your base guy

Tifa vs Faris & Dragonball Z vs That all your base guy(1)

I’ve been stupid busy, but I keep making these hobbies/projects that dwarf my old work. This one is working on a game using a game engine for android and iOS platforms, I’ll post some screenshots when I deem the time is right, other than that, get your nostalgia on!

Gman, out!

Tifa vs. The Comic Book Guy (The Collector)

Original post by G-Man

Okay, so MAYBE I should of re-edited my last post… but boredom has its way of making me work just a tad bit harder… but I’m spent for the evening so I have one more comic to entertain you all:

Tifa vs. The Comic Book Guy (The Collector)

Tifa vs. The Comic Book Guy (The Collector) Click on the above image

If memory serves me, this was the turning point when I supposedly hit a comic “slump” but it’s a very entertaining piece nonetheless, hope you enjoy!

Chun-Li & Alucard Vs. Sephiroth

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If I redid all of my comics with the style and frame of mind I have today, this is one that would probably be changed the most. Not because I think it’s bad, but because at the time I made this comic I was really into making my comics just as much about wish fulfillment as they were about comedy, and that’s definitely not my style anymore. Even so, I still think this is a solid, enjoyable comic with a big-name cast, so check it out!