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CSI: Midgar

CSI Midgar


This is a little ditty I made a while back but it didn’t appear to survive the jump from our old domain, so I’ve re-uploaded it. I really like the idea of Cloud in the role of David Caruso’s character. It fits him very well: A famously uncool character trying way too hard to act cool.

Chun-Li & Alucard Vs. Resident Evil 2

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Chun-Li & Alucard Vs. Resident Evil 2

Chun-Li & Alucard Vs. Resident Evil 2

In Chapter 4 of the Chun-Li & Alucard series, our heroes find themselves trapped in Raccoon City during the height of the T-Virus outbreak!

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Chun-Li & Alucard Vs. Sephiroth

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If I redid all of my comics with the style and frame of mind I have today, this is one that would probably be changed the most. Not because I think it’s bad, but because at the time I made this comic I was really into making my comics just as much about wish fulfillment as they were about comedy, and that’s definitely not my style anymore. Even so, I still think this is a solid, enjoyable comic with a big-name cast, so check it out!

Chun-Li Vs. Rogue

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The first and so far only comic I’ve done by request. I also consider it a turning point in terms of the quality of my works. In this comic, Gambit’s wandering eye lands itself on Chun-Li, and Rogue attacks her in a jealous rage! On a completely unrelated note, Rogue’s easily one of my favorite superheroes of all time and the Gambit/Rogue relationship is an avenue I don’t think we (myself included) have taken advantage of enough on our site.