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Rant: How To Not F*** Up A Resident Evil Reboot

image.axdNeeded to get this off my chest because it’s been a while since I last bitched and moaned about my frustrations with the Resident Evil franchise, and rumors were circulating to be responded to.

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Chun-Li & Alucard Vs. Resident Evil 2

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Chun-Li & Alucard Vs. Resident Evil 2

Chun-Li & Alucard Vs. Resident Evil 2

In Chapter 4 of the Chun-Li & Alucard series, our heroes find themselves trapped in Raccoon City during the height of the T-Virus outbreak!

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Chun-Li Vs. Resident Evil 4

Chun-Li Vs. Resident Evil 4

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In a miserable twist of fortune, Leon is whisked away from his honeymoon before he can consummate his marriage with his new bride! Is he a bad enough dude to rescue the president’s daughter? No! But luckily for him, that’s why Chun-Li will be there to help! Don’t miss this epic showdown, and the final part of Leon & Morrigan’s wedding arc!