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CSI: Midgar

CSI Midgar


This is a little ditty I made a while back but it didn’t appear to survive the jump from our old domain, so I’ve re-uploaded it. I really like the idea of Cloud in the role of David Caruso’s character. It fits him very well: A famously uncool character trying way too hard to act cool.

The Legendary Team Up You Never Asked For!

Originally posted by Boogie Knight

Billy Dee William and Yu Narukami

Billy Dee William and Yu Narukami

Hollywood Bleach

Ladies and gentlemen, I am official declaring the Hollywood Bleach contest! The rules are simple: come up with your best ideas on how Warner Brothers will screw up Bleach and send them to legacyoflaharl@yahoo.com with the subject line Hollywood Bleach. April 1st, I and probably a couple other guys at the CCA will go over them. The best ideas, based on a purely subjective determination, will get turned into comics with the winners attaining eternal glory (or at least a nice little post on ccacomics.com).

Let me also be clear on one thing: I have no illusions about “stopping” the movie, pushing it into a direction that isn’t disaster, nor do I want to try. I just find the whole concept so ridiculous that I want to milk it for jokes for as long as people will laugh about it.