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CSI: Midgar

CSI Midgar


This is a little ditty I made a while back but it didn’t appear to survive the jump from our old domain, so I’ve re-uploaded it. I really like the idea of Cloud in the role of David Caruso’s character. It fits him very well: A famously uncool character trying way too hard to act cool.

Hollywood Bleach

Ladies and gentlemen, I am official declaring the Hollywood Bleach contest! The rules are simple: come up with your best ideas on how Warner Brothers will screw up Bleach and send them to legacyoflaharl@yahoo.com with the subject line Hollywood Bleach. April 1st, I and probably a couple other guys at the CCA will go over them. The best ideas, based on a purely subjective determination, will get turned into comics with the winners attaining eternal glory (or at least a nice little post on ccacomics.com).

Let me also be clear on one thing: I have no illusions about “stopping” the movie, pushing it into a direction that isn’t disaster, nor do I want to try. I just find the whole concept so ridiculous that I want to milk it for jokes for as long as people will laugh about it.