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Chun-Li & Alucard Vs. Sephiroth

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If I redid all of my comics with the style and frame of mind I have today, this is one that would probably be changed the most. Not because I think it’s bad, but because at the time I made this comic I was really into making my comics just as much about wish fulfillment as they were about comedy, and that’s definitely not my style anymore. Even so, I still think this is a solid, enjoyable comic with a big-name cast, so check it out!

Sephiroth Meets The Elders

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Or basically how Sephiroth went from being the damn nasty godhood-seeking villain in FFVII to the defender of Truth, Justice, and the Alt.Gothic way. AGSF needs an special agent, and the Elders of Alt.Gothic (who shall remain nameless in order to protect Soth’s sorry ass) have made their choice. It’s one of the most bizarre job interviews of all time, on the next Dragonball- wait a minute…