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Flonne’s Song: Absence of Nostalgia

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The Crossover Comic Archive has a long, rich history that the current state of our blog doesn’t do justice, but to celebrate our history and show our appreciation to everyone who’s stuck with us through the years, the CCA crew has reunited for one more improv comic project!

For the first time ever, the heroes are united against a terrifying new threat: Another big-budget bastardization of a beloved pop culture franchise! When Overlord Laharl schemes to make a quick buck by rebooting Back to the Future, Flonne must seek out our scattered heroes and unite them to under a common purpose!

Can they succeed? Who knows? It’s improv!

Chun-Li Vs. Kuja

Chun-Li Vs. Kuja

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Chun-Li is unwittingly summoned by Princess Garnet to battle the so deep in the closet he can see Narnia super-hardcore-badass Kuja! Meanwhile, chaos ensues behind the scenes at both camps as Zidane’s amorous habits cause trouble for the heroes and Kuja’s eccentric behavior fuels confusion and debate among the ranks of Kuja’s black mage army!