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The Sky is Falling!

The Sky is Falling!

Skyla DoragonoActually, it’s not, I just updated the main site. ^_^

As you can see, the CCA main site just got a serious and much-needed facelift. Hopefully it will help attract more comic makers… or at least make it easier to browse. Or something. You can tell I don’t do update blurbs often, hunh?

At any rate, comics are both listed by author and by character now, making it easier to find stuff. There is also a section for special comics (like holiday comics, colabs, that sort of thing) and one shots. There is also a functioning link page with all the websites of our members. If you get confused as to where something goes, just hover your mouse over it.

In addition, we’re looking to upgrade forum software in the next few days. This will hopefully help in deterring spam bots, so we don’t have a repeat of¬†this. ūüėõ

I guess that’s it. Oh, and check out the new comics listed below. ‘Til next time!

-Skyla Doragono


New Finished Comics

Chun-Li Vs Resident Evil 4 by Gilgamesh
 Laharl Vs The Ring by Boogie Knight
Ultraman VS Steve Erwin by Grey Knight Lord


New WiP

Terry’s Problems¬†by Tadanori Oyama (2 pages)
D20: A CCA Roleplay by Skyla Doragono (3 pages)
Metal Gear Sammy by Violent Dave (4 pages)
Terry and Andy’s High School Reunion¬†by Tadanori Oyama (4 pages)
Dan and Ran Hibiki VS H.P. Lovecraft by Mad Spence (8 pages)
CCA News Special Report by Boogie Knight (5 pages)
The Rashoman Episode by Boogie Knight (20 pages)

Technical Difficulties

Technical DifficultiesUpdated February 3, 2008
Posted by Gilgamesh
New Comics:

Chun-Li Vs Resident Evil 4 by Gilgamesh (3 new pages)
Sango Vs Tales of Symphonia by Graveheart (5 new pages)
Metal Gear Sammy by Violent Dave (2 new pages)
Laharl Vs The Ring by Boogie Knight (complete)
The Rashoman Episode by Boogie Knight (10 pages)
Legacy of Leharl, Season 1 (4 new pages, complete)

Works in progress:Terry &¬†Andy Bogard’s High School¬†Reunion¬†by Tadanori Oyama (4 pages)
Dan & Ran Hibiki Vs. H.P. Lovecraft by Mad Spence
News:Sorry about the long time it took to get anything new on this damn site.¬†This time, however, it wasn’t (completely) out of laziness. Towards the end of December we started experiencing problems with the website that shut us dwn for about half a week, and after that we couldn’t even get into our damn FTP until now.

In fact, things are getting rather lively now. As my current comic races towards it’s grand finale, I’ve started working in preparation for a my magnum opus: A comic based on the script of the RPG Maker game we’ve been trying to make for some years now. With this comic and the upcoming release of the newest version of RPG Maker, it’s my hope that this comic will help rally people to assist us in this massive project. We’ll need just about all the help we can get.


Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat

Updated on August 11 2005.
posted by Gilgamesh

For those of you who missed the boardroom announcement, the winner of the second Brodie’s Law/CCA comic contest has been decided and was announced on the¬†Brodie’s Law¬†forums.

But the real big news is, we have a new rookie! His name is Tadanori Oyama, a regular boardroom poster turned webcomic author. I’m extremely impressed with his work and his attitude so I’m hoping to see some great things from him. For right now, his first comic,¬†Terry Bogard Vs The Zombie Fanboy Horde, can be found in the part-timers section. When I give the site the overhaul I’m planning, I’ll give Tadanori’s Terry comics their own section.

I’m planning to revamp the whole site in the coming months. The CCAcomics.com domain was up for renewal this month and I offered to take it off Ash’s hands, but eventually he decided he wanted to keep it a while longer, but asked me to keep watching the site for the time being. He wants to work on his art skills this coming semester and hopes to perhaps make a return next year. But, since I’m still going to be doing all the site maintenence for the rest of the year, I want a site design that’s more friendly to my HTML editor >< So I’ll probably go ahead and take care of that in a bit.