Link exchanges and comment policy

No Spam (free clip art)

No Spam (free clip art)

Some of our dear readers have started posting comments about our reviews, which is great! Sadly, some of them have been very short, say nothing about the posts being replied to, and end with links to other blogs.

Whether these comments are meant to be only self-promoting or not, that is the general “feel” of the comment. That tendency gives the comment a “spammy” feel. We love our readers, and don’t mind link exchanging, but this has made it clear that we should publicize our policy on link exchanges and links within comments. Hence, this page that you are reading.

We are not big fans of “spam.” (The canned meat, or otherwise.) We realize that there are cultures in the world that LOVE the canned meat version of Spam, but we are not part of that demographic ourselves. No offense meant to those good folks that love canned Spam!

If you would like to leave a comment, and wish to include a link to your own website/blog as part of your comment, please incorporate something about the original posting into your comment, such as “I like what you said about X, my take on X is Y, and if you’re interested in more my blog is here.” Hopefully that will generate some discourse and keep the blog from just being used as self-promotion fodder by others.

Comments must be approved by an administrator before they are published. Comments are subject to editing. This means that some content may be removed, at the discretion of our editor. The content removed will not affect the general focus, or point of the comment. An example of content being removed would be profanity, or content that appears to be “spam” (purely self-promotional) in nature. Please understand that once you submit a comment to us, it becomes OUR property, just like once you receive a letter by US Mail, it becomes YOUR property to do what you wish with it.

Please do not take offense if we remove links that you provide in your comments. In the “good old days” many blogs would simply accept, and publish those links. However, in more recent years, it has become standard procedure for most blogs to not allow them to be published. One of the reasons for that new, standard procedure is that Google penalizes spammy websites, and spammy comments “count” in Google’s super-secret algorithm. We do NOT want to annoy the good folks in charge of Google, and end up having our website “black-listed” as “spammy.” That is NOT a good thing!

This policy is not unusual in any way, shape, or form. If you are looking to simply place your website’s links in comments to self-promote your blog, please go to Google, type in “commentluv blogs” and use one of the lists that pops up to promote your website. (Note: we are NOT on any of those lists.)

If you are interested in a link exchange, please contact us by using the form below, and we’ll be glad to get back to you to discuss the particulars and see if we can come up with a mutually satisfactory link exchange plan.

Thanks for your interest, and compliance!

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