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By Gilgamesh:

Hello everyone and happy day-after-Independence-Day. I’ve had a lot of free time the past few weeks, and while most of that time has gone towards pressing matters such as replaying old games, grooming my dog, and making bubbles with my spit, I have also decided it’s time to give this poor old website a little more attention. I’m still working on my Crossover Chronicles comic (though at the rate I’m going I’ll be lucky if it’s done before I’m collecting Social Security) and pondering ways I can improve the design and publicity for the website. Hopefully I’ll have some more on this in the next week or so, but please feel free to drop me a line and offer some suggestions.

Crossover Chronicles Chapter 1: The Fanboy Menace.

Original post by Gilgamesh:

Crossover Chronicles Chapter 1 The Fanboy Menace

Crossover Chronicles Chapter 1 The Fanboy Menace

Note: On the original site, under the above picture, was a link to click, that took you to the images that are now shown on the bottom of this post.

The first chapter is finally complete! I had been chipping away at it over the course of several months, but didn’t want to post it on the main site because I didn’t want to abuse the tag system. Maybe, that was a mistake. Oh well.

Anyway, I don’t have a good “cover” pic for the comic yet, so I’m still just taking one-panel gags as placeholders. Hopefully, I’ll have something a bit classier in the near future.

In the original RPG script, this scene began at Chun-Li’s home with her looking at dresses with Aya and Cammy, then leaving to meet Alucard at a restaurant and being attacked by fanboys en route. The spirit of that scene is pretty much the same, but as you can see, a lot of the details were changed. Tifa replaced Cammy because I wanted to introduce her to the story sooner as an important character. Alucard is spoke of but not seen mainly for the sake of simplifying the fight scene. The fanboys were changed to trolls mainly because they are more universally reviled than mere fanboys. Dan Hibiki and a surprise guest star were not originally intended to be in this scene, but I love the way their roles turned out. Don’t be surprised if we see them again.

fandom page 1

fandom page 2

Welcome To CCA Comics

Hey folks. As you may have noticed, this “under construction” thing has been up for a couple months now. Sorry it’s taking so long to get the site back in a functioning manner, but the combination of not being very familiar with WordPress plus working full-time has been kicking my energy level’s ass lately. Don’t worry, though! I’m not about to up and abandon our beloved CCA. In the meantime, you can still find all of our comics and other goodies by following the links in the forums.

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Technical Difficulties

Technical DifficultiesUpdated February 3, 2008
Posted by Gilgamesh
New Comics:

Chun-Li Vs Resident Evil 4 by Gilgamesh (3 new pages)
Sango Vs Tales of Symphonia by Graveheart (5 new pages)
Metal Gear Sammy by Violent Dave (2 new pages)
Laharl Vs The Ring by Boogie Knight (complete)
The Rashoman Episode by Boogie Knight (10 pages)
Legacy of Leharl, Season 1 (4 new pages, complete)

Works in progress:Terry & Andy Bogard’s High School Reunion by Tadanori Oyama (4 pages)
Dan & Ran Hibiki Vs. H.P. Lovecraft by Mad Spence
News:Sorry about the long time it took to get anything new on this damn site. This time, however, it wasn’t (completely) out of laziness. Towards the end of December we started experiencing problems with the website that shut us dwn for about half a week, and after that we couldn’t even get into our damn FTP until now.

In fact, things are getting rather lively now. As my current comic races towards it’s grand finale, I’ve started working in preparation for a my magnum opus: A comic based on the script of the RPG Maker game we’ve been trying to make for some years now. With this comic and the upcoming release of the newest version of RPG Maker, it’s my hope that this comic will help rally people to assist us in this massive project. We’ll need just about all the help we can get.


The New Board

The New Board

Updated on August 26 2005.
posted by Gilgamesh

Well, we have a new board up. Hopefully this one won’t be so easy for the script kiddies to get to. It’s a bit cruderight now, but I’ll be chipping away at customizing it in the days to come. For now, let’s try to get things back on track. Huge thanks to Violent Dave for helping me find our new board.