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Namco’s Tekken x SF Poll

For those of you interested in Tekken x SF, Namco has a poll up to see what characters the fans most want to see. The list is quite extensive and includes some surprising faces, like Captain Sawada from the Van Damme movie and Dan’s father, Go Hibiki. I voted for Asuka, Lili, Christie, Leo, Jinpachi, Chun-Li, Charlie, Dan, Sawada, and Retsu. In hindsight I shouldn’ta voted for Retsu; he’d just be another shoto. Even so, I’d like to see some more of those SF1 characters pop up more often.

Advent Plea

Original Post by Ash Rigo

Advent Plea

Updated on Dec 31st 2003
posted by Ash Rigo

hey! Last update for the year! Anyway, nothing as far as the site goes but we have a BIG request to everybody out there. Back when Kingdom Hearts was in development I’m sure many of us were doubting it’s worth but I’m sure quite a few of us had our nerves shot when we heard that Lance Bass of N*SYNC was playing Sephiroth. And now that FFVII: Advent Children has been announced, the possibility of more MTV Teen Idols taking the role of our favorite characters looms over us.

We’re not asking for certain voice actors for these roles… we’re just pleading it’s just NOT given to unexperienced publicity stunt MTV singers. There are many actor/actresses out there that can fit the role so much better. Anyway, if you want the full scoop on it just head over to theĀ Advent Plea website. And please help out. I know *I* don’t want to see Sephiroth being played by Lance Bass again… this time he might have real spoken lines. Sephiroth is suppose to be a badass, not a cream puff.

-Ash Rigo