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CSI: Midgar

CSI Midgar


This is a little ditty I made a while back but it didn’t appear to survive the jump from our old domain, so I’ve re-uploaded it. I really like the idea of Cloud in the role of David Caruso’s character. It fits him very well: A famously uncool character trying way too hard to act cool.

Tifa vs Brock (a.k.a. Gman is on a roll tonight!)

Yeah, like in history before I remember releasing this comic almost a day or two from when I finished Tifa vs Quistis back in the day.

I think I’ve finished this one when I did near a decade ago rather hastily, as you can probably tell by my editing.   This is the third Tifa comic entry, and it takes a turn for the wacky, enjoy!

Tifa vs Morrigan

Evening belated Ghouls and Ghosts! Gman has a comic for you.

Sorry it’s been a long wait, but I’ve managed to get the first of many of every comic I have before Beatrush.com closed down. Didn’t get this up in time for Halloween, but better late than never right?

You’ll also notice the format is different from traditional CCA format, as well as added social commentary.