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Chun-Li & Alucard Vs. Resident Evil 2

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Chun-Li & Alucard Vs. Resident Evil 2

Chun-Li & Alucard Vs. Resident Evil 2

In Chapter 4 of the Chun-Li & Alucard series, our heroes find themselves trapped in Raccoon City during the height of the T-Virus outbreak!

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Chun-Li & Alucard Vs. Sephiroth

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If I redid all of my comics with the style and frame of mind I have today, this is one that would probably be changed the most. Not because I think it’s bad, but because at the time I made this comic I was really into making my comics just as much about wish fulfillment as they were about comedy, and that’s definitely not my style anymore. Even so, I still think this is a solid, enjoyable comic with a big-name cast, so check it out!

Chun-Li & Alucard Chapter 2: Chrono Trigger

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Part 2 of the Chun-Li & Alucard arc. In case it wasn’t obvious, my editing really sucked in my earlier comics so when I finally figured out how to do a decent job with backgrounds I went quite a bit overboard in this comic. Considering how much I dislike my earlier works though I have to say some of the gags in the comic are still solid (even if the actual “fight” part is perhaps some CCA record for shortest fight in any of our comics).

Chun-Li & Alucard Chapter 1: Dracula

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The first in a five-part series in which Chun-Li and Alucard are cast into an odyssey across several different video game worlds. As you can see in this comic, my editing skills have improved a bit and the jokes are getting a bit funnier, and of course it’s the first chapter of the series that  had a pretty big impact on the CCA metafiction, so hey, enjoy!