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“New” Comic: Chun-Li Vs. The DaVinci Code


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In the spirit of trying to keep a pace of fixing at least one comic per week while still getting used to doing this stuff on a wordpress-only blog format, I’ve fixed one of the comics I had previously uploaded but didn’t survive the jump from our old domain. I’ve fixed the original post to have the proper link, or you can just click on the pic above. Enjoy!

On a side note, my contempt for organized religion has only deepened since I made this comic, but in all fairness to the Catholic Church, Pope Francis seems like he’s finally taking them in the right direction.

What’s new?

By Gilgamesh:

Hello everyone and happy day-after-Independence-Day. I’ve had a lot of free time the past few weeks, and while most of that time has gone towards pressing matters such as replaying old games, grooming my dog, and making bubbles with my spit, I have also decided it’s time to give this poor old website a little more attention. I’m still working on my Crossover Chronicles comic (though at the rate I’m going I’ll be lucky if it’s done before I’m collecting Social Security) and pondering ways I can improve the design and publicity for the website. Hopefully I’ll have some more on this in the next week or so, but please feel free to drop me a line and offer some suggestions.

Grumble grumble…

The links to some of my (Gilgamesh) comics are gonna be down for a bit due to technical crap regarding kikouken.com, the CCA’s sister site which has been hosting my comics for most of our history. So, a lot of em are gonna be down until I get enough free time to endure the exhilarating task of transferring and updating computer files. The silver lining is a lot of this needed to be done anyway so by the time it’s over I should have a whole slew of classic comics once again ready to be enjoyed/mocked.

Share the love!

So, I was sitting around one day thinking about things I can do to help people share the joy of CCA comics and then I realized, “Hey! Every other blog in the known universe has plugins that let people share posts on social media sites! We should get one too!” So, now we have one! Be sure to share our stuff with lots of people!