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Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat

Updated on August 11 2005.
posted by Gilgamesh

For those of you who missed the boardroom announcement, the winner of the second Brodie’s Law/CCA comic contest has been decided and was announced on the Brodie’s Law forums.

But the real big news is, we have a new rookie! His name is Tadanori Oyama, a regular boardroom poster turned webcomic author. I’m extremely impressed with his work and his attitude so I’m hoping to see some great things from him. For right now, his first comic, Terry Bogard Vs The Zombie Fanboy Horde, can be found in the part-timers section. When I give the site the overhaul I’m planning, I’ll give Tadanori’s Terry comics their own section.

I’m planning to revamp the whole site in the coming months. The CCAcomics.com domain was up for renewal this month and I offered to take it off Ash’s hands, but eventually he decided he wanted to keep it a while longer, but asked me to keep watching the site for the time being. He wants to work on his art skills this coming semester and hopes to perhaps make a return next year. But, since I’m still going to be doing all the site maintenence for the rest of the year, I want a site design that’s more friendly to my HTML editor >< So I’ll probably go ahead and take care of that in a bit.


First Monthly Winner Decided!

First Monthly Winner Decided!

Updated on April 27 2005.
Weekly Comic: Chun-Li Aya & Tifa Vs. Final Fantasy X-2, Parts 7 & 8
posted by Gilgamesh

The first winner of the Make Us Make Your Own Comic contest has been named, and it’s Chun-Li Vs Aquaman by Precious Roy. We also have one runner-up that will be allowed to participate in next months contest, Sakura Vs. The Collector by Danica Tomsho. Congratulations to both you for your great entries! David Bircham tells me to expect to see his version of Chun-Li Vs Aquaman within the next two weeks. Meanwhile, I’m going to need to put aside a few minutes and update the contest page for the next round.

By the way, like the little extrathingie I added to this update? I’m going totry and keep the main site as updated on my weekly comic progress as I do the boardrooms. Though I’m still looking for a good permanent format because this way kinda blows. And it doesn’t help that I don’t really like the format and contrary to what Ash says, updating with this design whichfoces me to use HTML code is a serious pain in the ass. -_--Gilgamesh

(Make us) Make your own Comic!

(Make us) Make your own Comic!

Updated on Mar 19 2005
posted by Ash Rigo

Update – Mar 22: Geez people! Try and tell me when I make a bad link to a contest page ><. Oh and BTW, it’s fixed.

I’m sure you recently have looked at the weekly comic button and realized it hasn’t been touched in a while. Well there’s a reason for that. In the next week or two it will be taken down and replaced with monthly contest buttons. It will list the details of our new monthly contest and an archive of all entries and winning comics from the previous month. Pretty cool, huh?

Now onto the details of this comic contest, pretty much the forum thread in the message board says it pretty well but if you want the official page take a look at this link for the official lowdown. To be honest, I’m not really in the loop in this contest bit since David contacts Gilgamesh so if you have any questions on any ambiguous rules or questions, direct them to Gilgamesh.

While the official contest page is still without some zest in it, it’s all I’ll putting up for right now until we get a couple entries so we can redo the format so we can post all the entries strait onto the contest page, similar to the previous fan art contest we had for the CCA RPG (and YES, all the scripting is done for the demo, we just need to iron out some “he said/she said” details that got overlooked before we do a bit of testing).

Everyone here at the CCA is very giddy about seeing what everyone else can cook up, I mean it’s not every day you can get your own comic made for you by a professional like David Bircham is it? We’re gonna be spreading the word as much as we can and encourage everyone who comes to the page to also tell anyone who might be interested. Hopefully this will mean great things for the CCA and Kikouken.com in the near future.

-Ash Rigo